ISBN 9789384544706,When Being Too Nice Becomes a Vice

When Being Too Nice Becomes a Vice


Nirmal Yadav


Hay House



Hay House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384544706

ISBN-10 9384544701


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

Literature & Fiction

Do you feel burdened by the unrelenting urge to always feel useful and helpful?
Do you worry for others to the point of suffocating them?
Or do you know someone who, knowingly or unknowingly, acts like 'oxygen on legs' for everyone in their life?
This is what happens when as a culture, we are trained to deny our own needs and pay more attention to the needs of others. This can be extremely exhausting and self-violating. When Being Too Nice Becomes a Vice written by Nirmal Yadav, deals with the delicate subject of 'the helper needing help' in a precise and in-depth manner. It's about taking our normal human concern too far, crossing others' boundaries or allowing others to cross yours.

Nirmal Yadav, a trained counselor with an experience of over twenty-five years, through the course of this book, provides some eye-opening insights into self-sacrificing behavioral patterns and the excessive guilt surrounding self-care issues. She also talks about why it is important to help yourself before helping anyone else. This work ably guides and shows how we can transform the painful patterns of co-dependence (i. e. dependence on others and approval seeking behavior), live a more meaningful and joyful life and learn to love ourselves.

About the Author

Nirmal Yadav is trained in counseling and psychotherapy. She spent a good part of her life working at various social organizations, empowering people in turmoil for over two decades. Her life took yet another leap when she decided to share some of her life-changing experiences that brought out the best in her, through writing. Just as her first book feel, deal and heal published in 2011, was the outcome of her struggle while dealing with some transition in her late 30s, this book encapsulates wisdom gathered from the journey of self-reclamation, self-acceptance and self-compassion.