ISBN 9788121212007,When I Saw Tirupahi Balaji

When I Saw Tirupahi Balaji



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788121212007

ISBN-10 8121212006


Number of Pages 333 Pages
Language (English)

Religious Studies

When I was Brought down to my Knees Do Prayers Precipitiate Rains ? A Jinxed Plane Grounds the President A Premonition on Ugadi Eve ? A Fitting Lesson to the First Servant Manoeuvring through Master Plan Maze The Ardent Wish of the Devotee and the Lord The God that (Never) Failed ? When A C.M.'s Wrath knowns no Bounds Death Does not Deter a Divine Mission The Demanding Lord and the Satisfied Devotee Renaissance of Daasa Sahitya Endless Waiting for the Fleeting Moment 'Mirasidars' Bow to the Will of the God Destiny Decides even 'Darshans' Controversial Padamavati Guest House Anjaneya Rises on the Anjanadri A Swami's Faith Moves Seven Hills Annamayya comes to MS's Rescue The Long and Short of the Board and Narrow 'Namam' 'Prasad- Down-Down' Experience in darkness When I Pleaded Guilty Naham Karta Harih Karta Vows and Woes Operation Rescue by Mystery Couple (Strange) Agony and Ecstasy (NO) Crime and Punishment Marriages are Still Made in Heaven The Invisible Hand that Guides Index.