ISBN 9789383809103,WhenThings go Wrong do Something Right

WhenThings go Wrong do Something Right



Power Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383809103

ISBN-10 9383809108


Number of Pages 105 Pages
Language (English)


Life was never meant to be a race at every stage where only the victors were to be recognized and the losers ignored or ridiculed. Yet the race starts in earnest beginning from childhood and continuing till the end of a career. Winning at any cost has gained ground and this is reflected in every sphere of life. Such a mindset is causing visible and invisible damage to the society. Can we attempt to change this mindset before it is too late?To achieve success is necessary and important but the manner in which it is achieved is even more important. When greed and selfishness gets in the way, the rules of the game change. The underlying justification for greed is that the race for more material wealth or higher position of power needs to be won.The book takes the reader through a perspective of life and how an individuals view of life can be consciously changed for the better, irrespective of circumstances and challenges. Any change for the better cannot be complete without an individual experiencing the joy of giving and the warmth of compassion. This can be a life changing experience by itself. When success has been achieved the right way in the normal course of life, there may still be a need to find a higher purpose which provides an elevated meaning of life