ISBN 9788186775349,Who Moved My Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese



Manjul Publishing House

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788186775349

ISBN-10 818677534X


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (Marathi)

Personal Development & Self-Help

Who Moved My Cheese, written in the form of a fable, features two mice and two 'little people', essentially miniature humans.The mice are named Sniff and Scurry, while the little people are named Hem and Haw. They all live in a maze, a model of the outside world. Initially without cheese, both groups go looking for cheese in pairs. One day, both groups find a cheese-filled corridor at Cheese Station C. The human establish routine around this cheese station and eventually become arrogant.

Upon arriving at Cheese Station C one day, Hem and Haw see that the cheese is over. However, they are not surprised as they noticed the quantity slowly dwindling and are mentally prepared for the arduous task of finding more cheese. Later, Hem and Haw arrive and see the cheese missing. They are angered, with Hem exclaiming "Who moved my cheese?". Realising the apparent finality of their situation, Hem and Haw mourn the unfairness of life.

Eventually Haw realises that they ought to step out of their despair and go looking for more cheese. Although initially discouraged by Hem and his negativity, Haw sets out. Before he leaves, he jots down messages on the wall, "If you do not change, you can become extinct" and "What would you do if you weren't afraid?", in the hope that it will inspire his friend. in the meanwhile, the two mice have found a better cheese source in Cheese Station N.

Full of fear and even more filled with determination, Haw searches and finally finds Cheese Station N, full of cheese, even some new varieties. All along his journey he left 'writings on the wall' for his friend. Still hopeful that he would gradually see the folly in his obstinate ways and come looking for new cheese.

This edition of Who Moved My Cheese is in Hindi and is available in hardcover. it was published by Manjul Publishing House in 2003.