ISBN 9789381970034,Who Wants to Teach Their Child History

Who Wants to Teach Their Child History



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381970034

ISBN-10 9381970033


Number of Pages 69 Pages
Language (English)
Who wants to teach their child history History, as the word strikes our mind, most of us finds it tough to develop interest for it. But as a parent you would definitely not like your child to develop the same attitude towards the subject. Encourage your child to learn history with Syed Makhdoom Ali's latest book 'Who wants to teach their child history'. One of the best sellers, the book helps readers to understand history as a subject. It includes many interesting activities that parents can indulge with their child at home and help the kid learn develop an interest towards the subject. History has two crucial parts, the story and the chronology, explore more interesting facts about the subject reading this book.