ISBN 9788132104599,Who Will Bell the Cat? : A Manager's Toolkit for Strategy-Formation and Execution

Who Will Bell the Cat? : A Manager's Toolkit for Strategy-Formation and Execution


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132104599

ISBN-10 8132104595


Number of Pages 276 Pages
Language (English)


For three decades, the militant organization which desired a separate Tamil Eelam held Sri Lanka in its terrible grip. The LTTE was the only terrorist agency which was successful in the political assassination of two world leaders. Explore the reasons behind the fall of the Tigers in The Tiger Vanquished: LTTE's Story. Summary of the Book What began as a students' conflict in the 1980s escalated into a civil war that held Sri Lanka in terror for over twenty six years. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and its reign of terror in Sri Lanka are widely debated topics even today, years after its defeat at the hands of the Sri Lankan military. What were the factors which led to the group's fall? In this revealing book, Narayana Swamy unveils that all is not as it seemed on the outside in the Sri Lankan civil war. Including detailed inputs from LTTE guerillas, Tamil activists, Sri Lankan and Indian officials, human rights activists and civilians, this book brings out the truth behind the vicious war that consumed the lives of nearly one lakh people. An authoritative compilation, it draws extracts from the author's news stories and commentaries from six years (2003-2009), stripping down the final episode of the civil war into its principal events. About M. R. Narayana Swamy M. R. Narayana Swamy is an Indian journalist, editor and writer. He is the author of a few of the leading works on Tamil militancy in Sri Lanka, such as: Tigers of Lanka and Inside an Elusive Mind. Mr. Swamy took up journalism after graduating from Delhi University. He has worked for 13 years with the French international news agency AFP. He is currently the Executive Editor at the Indo-Asian News Service at New Delhi.