ISBN 9789382711643,Why Don'T You Convert

Why Don'T You Convert



Vitasta Publication

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789382711643

ISBN-10 9382711643


Number of Pages 278 Pages
Language (English)

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Why Don't You Convert? is a collection of twenty-three stories based on true events spanning several decades in the life of the author- from the idyllic early days as a fresh medical graduate in Kashmir, to the trauma of the refugee camps in Jammu. He looks at his subjects not only through the lens of a doctor but also through the prism of a writer, interested in their diseases as much as in the subjects themselves with their myriad physical, psychological and existential problems. You have the story of a man unable to erase the spit that his father-in-law flings into his face; a young woman caught between the humiliation of rejection and the relentless persuasion to convert; a doctor kidnapped to treat a terrorist in his hideout; a running cricket commentary that brings to life a patient in coma; a pir with magical powers to congeal the blood in the womb of maidens; a dwarfish boy who will stop at nothing to grow tall; an old man who develops intractable hiccups after giving chase to a thief; a bear hug that robs a doctor of his sleep... Each story brings alive the human touch as the deft narrative unfolds through scenes and situations, through narratives and dialogues, through drama and suspense, through agony and ecstasy, holding the reader spellbound till the very end.

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