ISBN 9788181930620,Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid

Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid



Byword Books Private Limited

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788181930620

ISBN-10 8181930622


Language (English)

Biography: science, technology & medicine

Why do intelligent people sometimes behave in ways so stupid that they destroy their livelihoods or even their lives? This book is the first to investigate the psychological basis for stupidity in everyday life. Experts shed light on the nature and theory of stupidity, whether stupidity is measurable, how people can avoid stupidity and its devastating consequences, and much more. About the Author Robert J Sternberg is IBM Professor and Education and direcor of PACW, the Center for the Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise, at Yale University. He is a widely known expert on intelligence testing and the author or editor of some sixty books, including The Psychology of Love and Competence Considered, both published by Yale University Press. Table of Contents Why and When Are Smart People Stupid? Beliefs that make smart People Dumb Smart People doing Dumb Things : The case of Managerial Incompetence Whent Smart People behave Stupidly : Reconciling Inconsistencies in Social-Emotional Intelligence Sex, Lies and Audiiotapes : The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal Rationality, Intelligence and levels of analysis in Cognitive Science : Is Dysrationalia Possible? Smart is as Stuped Does : Exploring bases of Erroneous Reasioning of Smart People Regarding Learning and other Disabilities Personality Dispositions When "Stupid" is Smarter Than We Are : Mindlessness and the Attribution of Stupidity Smart People are not Stupid, but they can be Foolish : The Imbalance Theory of Foolishness