ISBN 9789382291350,Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks

Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks



Elsevier Publishing Company

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382291350

ISBN-10 9382291350

Hard Back

Number of Pages 388 Pages
Language (English)


When choosing the technology options to develop a wirelesssensornetwork (WSN), it is vital that their performance levels canbeassessed for the type of application intended. This bookdescribesthe different technology options-MAC protocols, routingprotocols,localisation and data fusion techniques-and provides themeans tonumerically measure their performance, whether bysimulation,mathematical models or experimental test beds. Casestudies, basedon the authors direct experience of implementingwireless sensornetworks, describe the design methodology and thetype ofmeasurements used, together with samples of theperformancemeasurements attained.
The book will enable you to answer vital questions such as:
How long will my network remain alive given the amount ofsensingrequired of it?
For how long should I set the sleeping state of my motes?
How many sensors should I distribute to meet theexpectedrequirements of the application?
What type of throughput should I expect as a function ofthenumber of nodes deployed and the radio interface chosen (whetheritbe Bluetooth or Zigbee)?
How is the Packet Error Rate of my Zigbee motes affected bytheselection of adjacent frequency sub bands in the ISM2.4GHzband?
How is the localisation precision dependant on the numberofnodes deployed in a corridor?
Communications and signal processing engineers, researchersandgraduate students working in wireless sensor networks willfindthis book an invaluable practical guide to thisimportanttechnology.