ISBN 9789380914398,Wisely Stupid

Wisely Stupid



General Press Publisher

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789380914398

ISBN-10 9380914393


Number of Pages 184 Pages
Language (English)


Jako is 24 years old and has everything that he wants and needs in life. Still, he suffers from inner chaos and restlessness that bring about constant panic attacks. He feels helpless and decides to end his life, but he fails before he attempts. Suddenly, he starts to witness things that he thought did not exist. He leaves his possessions behind and goes on a journey in which he experiences things that are beyond his imagination. Though he goes out with the intention to find answers, Jako only returns to his home with treachery and delusion. On his way back, he meets a traveler at an isolated beach. Jako cannot decide if he should see this man as a guardian angel or a mentalist. Soon, the mysterious man starts to solve the mysteries that are surrounding Jako and they discuss many topics. Whenever a question is thrown at the man, he answers them with wise stories. This way, Jako answers all of his questions himself.

About the author

Zeeshan Najafi is from Bangalore and is currently working with He is a Business Management graduate and is pursuing his master’s degree in Philosophy. He likes Sufi literature and enjoys reading mysticism, philosophy and poetry.

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