ISBN 9780070610965,Workout For Six Sigma Team Pocket Guide

Workout For Six Sigma Team Pocket Guide



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780070610965

ISBN-10 0070610967


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)


Why are an alarming number of Six Sigma projects failing? The answer has nothing to do with the technical tools of Six Sigma--the problem is poor teamwork, internal politics, and bad communication. Don 't let your organization fall into the same trap. Six Sigma team leaders and team members can reverse the trend with Rath & Strong 's Six Sigma Team Pocket Guide. This follow-up to one of the bestselling Six Sigma books ever published shows every project team leader and team member how to:. Get crucial buy-in and cooperation from managers and employees Establish clear team goals, roles, and procedures Lead or participate in productive team meetings Plan the people/team side of a Six Sigma project Avoid the leading causes of project failure. Table of content :- Introduction: Why Team and Influence Skills Are Required to Make Six Sigma Projects Work Part I: Getting the Six Sigma Project Team Started Chapter 1. The Role of the Project Team Leader Chapter 2. The Role of the Project Team Member Chapter 3. What to Do at the First six Sigma Project Team Meeting Chapter 4. How to Establish Project Team Goals, Roles, and Procedures Part II: Team Skills Needed to Successfully Complete a Six Sigma Project Chapter 5. How to Have an Effective Project Team Meeting Chapter 6. How to Make Decisions on the Project Team Chapter 7. Three Ways to Handle Project Team Conflict, and When Each Works Best Chapter 8. How to Deal with Difficult Project Team Members Chapter 9. How to Figure Out What 's Wrong When the Team Is not Working Well or Loses Momentum Part III: Getting Buy-in for Your Project Chapter 10. The "Politics" of Six Sigma Projects: Planning to get Support and Cooperation from People Outside the Team Chapter 11. Five Ways to Influence People to Cooperate with Your Six Sigma Project Chapter 12. How to Communicate with People Whose Help You Need Chapter 13. How to Be a Better Listener So that People Will Want to Help You Chapter 14. How to Avoid the Pitfalls of E-mail on Six Sigma Projects Chapter 15. How to Make an Effective Presentation About Your Six Sigma Project Chapter 16. What to Do When You 're Not Getting Cooperation Chapter 17. Sample Plans for Getting Buy In Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Using This Pocket Guide.