ISBN 9788132109075,Writing and Producing Radio Dramas

Writing and Producing Radio Dramas


Jai P Narain



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788132109075

ISBN-10 8132109074

Hard Back

Number of Pages 444 Pages
Language (English)


A work by health and development experts and professionals, this well-researched compilation traces the evolving and highly dynamic nature of HIV/AIDS and its unprecedented health and development threat in Asia. Three decades of HIV/AIDS in Asia studies how the region has responded to this epidemic in the last three decades. It contains country-specific chapters on the HIV/AIDS problem low-prevalence countries such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well as countries with advanced epidemics such as Cambodia, China, India, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam and the evolving response to it. There is recognition of the fact that Asia remains the hardest hit after Africa. The lesson learnt from the Asian countries show that HIV can be prevented and clinically managed with sustained political commitment, adequate human and financial resources, and inter-sectoral action. With the modus operandi of real-life stories and case studies, this work is highly relevant in assessing the ground reality and the measures required for effective prevention, treatment, and care across the continuum. Table of Contents 1. Message From The Regional Director, WHO/SEARO 2. Preface 3. Acknowledgements 4. Three Decades of HIV/AIDS in Asia: Achievements, Lessons Learnt and Opportunities Ahead 5. Epidemiology and Transmission Dynamics of the HIV Epidemic in Asia 6. Natural History of HIV Infection 7. Emerging Issues in HIV and TB Prevention: Role of Antiretrovirals for Prevention 8. National Response to HIV/AIDS in Cambodia: A Health Sector Perspective 9. HIV/AIDS in China: The Response and Challenges 10. HIV/AIDS IN INDIA: The Epidemic and National Response 11. The Rising Epidemic of HIV in Pakistan: Challenges to a Comprehensive Response 12. Evolving Responses to HIV/AIDS in Thailand: Lessons Learned 13. HIV in Viet Nam 14. Maintaining Low Levels of HIV for Three Decades: Case Studies from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka 15. Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections in South-East Asia and Public Health Approach to Prevention and Control 16. Interventions with Sex Workers: From The 100% Condom-Use Programme to Community Empowerment 17. The HIV Epidemic among People Who Inject Drugs in Asia: Progress and Unresolved Issues 18. The Epidemic of HIV Among Men Who Have Sex With Men and Transgender Populations in India 19. Averting HIV Transmission Through Safe Blood in The South-East Asia Region of Who 20. Eliminating Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission in Thailand 21. Clinical Management of HIV/AIDS: Current Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment 22. HIV drug resistance in Asia: an emerging problem? 23. Priority Areas For HIV/AIDS Operational Research in Asia 24. Enhancing Access to Antiretroviral Drugs in Developing Countries 25. HIV Vaccine Development in Asia Jean-Louis 26. Implications and Feasibility of Commercial Health Insurance for People Living With HIV in India 27. Index