ISBN 9780409901177,Yeast Genetic Engineering

Yeast Genetic Engineering

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Publication Year 1989

ISBN 9780409901177

ISBN-10 0409901172


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)

Production engineering

An illustration of the impressive development of yeast gene expression systems accomplished in recent years which demonstrates the power of these systems for the production of proteins in quantities useful as therapeutics, industrial enzymes and research agents. It provides a foundation for the comprehensive study of the molecular biology of yeast and describes and reviews many basic aspects of yeast biochemistry and cell biology at the DNA, RNA and protein levels. The book covers, at the molecular genetic level, processes involved in the natural metabolism and propagation of yeasts. In addition, it superimposes the modern methods of molecular biology and biotechnology on this background of classical information. The first recombinant subunit vaccine against hepititis B, for example, is manufactured from genetically engineered yeast.

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