ISBN 9781259002816,You Don't Need A Godfather: Create your Own Success

You Don't Need A Godfather: Create your Own Success



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259002816

ISBN-10 1259002810


Number of Pages 124 Pages
Language (English)


You Don't Need A Godfather: Create Your Own Success, published in 2012, is a management book that helps readers become successful in their professional lives. The author says that becoming successful is not as impossible as most people think. The book also illustrates that Godfather refers to the things that we look at for advancing in our careers and our personal lives, like one's boss, reading the lines on one's palms, or the alignment of the planets and stars. Instead of focusing on these, it is much better to take control of one's own self. Challenging life's obstacles will help individuals climb up the ladder of success, rather than trying to be the boss's favourite. You Don't Need A Godfather: Create Your Own Success is divided into four sections. I Make Me consists of three chapters, which includes Appa! I Hate Ireland! This is the story of how Agastya, the author's seven year old son, watches a cricket match between India and Ireland, and declares that he hates Ireland because they took Sachin Tendulkar's wicket. The second section is titled It Is Not So Commonsensical, and has chapters like Gone in Sixty Seconds, and Slit Chilies On The Rocks. This is followed by sections, Making It Happen and Staying Sane, Staying Successful. Chapter reviews have been incorporated at the end of each chapter, along with comic strips. The author has filled the book with real time case studies and striking examples, thereby helping readers comprehend each workplace situation. You Don't Need A Godfather: Create Your Own Success uses humour, a tinge of sarcasm, and jargon free language to convey its message. The author encourages readers to turn constraints into opportunities, and to make a name for themselves. This new age management pocket guide is No 2. on the Hindu Business Line's Top 10 Management Books, and is third on the Indian Express Management Best Seller list. About Elango R Elango R is an Indian author, columnist, speaker, blogger, coach, and the Chief Human Resources Officer for MphasiS. Elango was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Bank of America's offshoring unit in India, and he has also worked with The Raheja Group, Quality Inns India, and The UB Group. He has experience and knowledge on a range of industries including manufacturing, banking, hospitality, IT, and others. Elango has been mentoring and coaching both newbies and leaders of the corporate world. He writes columns for the Wall Street Journal, Economic Times, and People Matters. The author lives with his wife and son in Bangalore.