ISBN 9788129119209,Zero Percentile - 2.0: Missed Iit Kissed Gurgaon

Zero Percentile - 2.0: Missed Iit Kissed Gurgaon


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129119209

ISBN-10 812911920X


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


Life is only fun while it is simple - and attempting to develop the biggest software company in the world can never be simple. This is the story of two friends, Priya, and Nitin, who has HIV and struggles to not fall in love; of Arjun and his brilliant but differently-abled daughter; San, who has two main loves, one a software product, and the other, a girl; and the best-friend duo, Motu and Pankaj. Motu and Pankaj start a small software company called Numero Soft. Surrounded by friends like Nitin, Priya and Arjun, they never thought work was going to be difficult. A chance break takes them to America, the land of golden opportunities, giving rise to an overpowering desire to conquer the world, no matter the price. Unfortunately that price turns out to be friendship. A story of greed, love, friendship, murder and conspiracy, Zero Percentile 2.0 is the exciting sequel to the best-selling novel Zero Percentile. About the Author Neeraj Chhibba was born and raised in India. He studied engineering at Volgograd, Russia, where he spent almost seven and a half years of his life. He is currently employed with a software company in India. His single claim to literary honours is a 'highly commendable' certificate he received in Class X in an English Essay Competition organized by the Royal Commonwealth Society. This is the sequel to his best-selling book, Zero Percentile.