Youngsters' guide to Personality Development


S. P. Sharma


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Publication Year 2017


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In a world marked by competition personality is the key to success--whether it is social or business or personal or political arena. Interview for IAS or an MNC, meeting with the parents of your prospective bride, addressing a public rally, or delivering a speech in an international conference...if you have a confident and pleasing personality, you will surely make your mark! This book seeks to motivate young men and women, particularly students, to make conscious and continuous effort to build character and develop personality. With deep insight, the author has provided valuable guidelines and practical tips on matters of special interest to students. Further, he has given them the benefit of experience, his own as well as those of eminent persons. Considering the significant role of teachers and parents and their responsibility in molding young minds, the book intends to serve the purpose of building firm foundation for a better personality. Some Glimpses: * Manners make the a man. We should be uniformly courteous to all...humility marks an educated man. *It is more fitting for a man to laugh over life, than lament over it. *The art of writing letters is worth culivating, for one`s own sake, and for the sake of others. *Start building a library, of your own (if you do not already have one)...learn by heart significant speeches or a student all through your life. *`I have developed a such a detached attitude to food where taste is concerned that life is so much easier, and the hazard of becoming a victim to contaminated food are almost nil.

S. P. Sharma

S.P. Sharma, a retired MNC Executive, has also been active as a journalist, contributing thought – provoking articles on a variety of topics in leading Indian periodicals. The present volume is the outcome of his humanitarian concern for the welfare of the younger generation, particularly students. In his scholarly work, Success through Positive Thinking, We saw S.P.Sharma as an intellectual and original thinker.
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