Fix Your Problems - The Tenali Raman Way


Vishal Goyal


V & S Publisher

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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2012


ISBN-10 938158835X

Hard Cover

Edition First
Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)
Dimensions (Cms) 25x16.5x2
Weight (grms) 528

The book is a marvelous treasury of legends of Tenali Raman and Emperor Raya which evokes a long lost, never –never : an enchanted world of alert wits and tricky gossips: crafty crooks with biting tongues, valiant brigands and an assorted cluster of uncommon common people.

Narrated by the author and superbly illustrated, “Fix your problem – The Tenali Raman way” is and engaging blend of earthly wisdom and sparkling humour which deal with concepts that have certain timelessness. Each story is followed by terse moral and incalculable snippets which are usually that little extra that brings the reader a little more closer to his goal on the way to realization. The book also exposes how richly endowed Bharata Khanda (India before invasions) had been in the east in the field of wisdom and knowledge down the ages of which the west is ignorant.

Vishal Goyal

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